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A Chat Over The Wall With Ladd Ehlinger

Ladd Ehlinger is a libertarian-conservative filmmaker responsible for some of the most controversial — and viral — campaign ads and videos of 2010. He was less active in 2012, and that may in part be because of his open opposition … Continue reading

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The Bourne Legacy of Ludlum

There are still those who maintain the Bourne series has not lived up to the novels. I maintain that Robert Ludlum was a hack, though an entertaining one, and his novels are not as good as the cinematic franchise that … Continue reading

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Prometheus Unlocked (SPOILERS)

I have seen many reviews of Prometheus, but very few good ones. Most professional reviewers do not fall into the demographic that best understands the film. So far, the most eager fans of the movie that I’ve met have been … Continue reading

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The Private Life of Henry VIII

Starring Charles Laughton, this 1933 classic was my introduction to the history of Tudor England when I first saw it at the age of seven or eight. As you might guess from the British Board of Film Censorship title card … Continue reading

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Mega City One Fashionistas Do Not Wear Polo Shirts

Of all the images I’ve seen from the new movie production, this one (via) is the most troubling — and not because of the exploding brain matter, or Judge Anderson’s steady poise in execution. (Trust me, the darkly-comic world of … Continue reading

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Major Barbara

This blog has willingly engaged in open controversy lately over the president’s use of wartime authority. Do not mistake this work for some kind of apologetics, and rest assured I am as affirmatively liberal in my views on the subject … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: GI Joe II

Why would Hollywood even bother when the first movie sucked so bad and the comic book has been shit since issue #41? I don’t understand how millions of dollars can get flushed down the drain like this without incurring riots … Continue reading

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Dredd Lawmaster Needs Buildings

Via. This isn’t bad; in fact, it’s a pretty hot take on the lawmaster. Judge Dredd’s ride is supposed to look like something that can go 200 miles an hour and kick ass, with a big imposing grill. Yet I … Continue reading

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Better Dredd Than Dead!

This quote from Karl Urban, actor currently in post-production as the title character in a new cinematic version of Judge Dredd, my favorite comic book, is music to my fanboy ears: If anyone is familiar with Dredd, over the years there are … Continue reading

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Avengers Trailer

This will either be an epic cinematic event or have the greatest suck-factor since Matrix: Revolutions. When there are too many characters and the bad guys are two-dimensional, even the most fanboyetic special effects won’t make me want to see … Continue reading

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Knights of Badassdom

Do LARPers really fantasize about fighting she-demons? Yes, they do. And yes, that short person is Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, who is almost certain to be nominated for an Emmy (for GOT, not this).

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