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BREAKING: Demand For National Bloggers Club Accountability Now Bipartisan

Ali Akbar (right), founder and President of the National Bloggers Club, is a Karl Rove favorite with a criminal record. Worse, he kept that record hidden from donors from 2008, when he was convicted, until May of this year, when … Continue reading

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My Valentine From Joan Walsh

The Salon editor doesn’t like one of my co-bloggers, and felt it necessary to say so Sunday night in a direct message on Twitter. I’m not sure she ever actually followed me, or saved herself the trouble of un-following me … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges on the Black Bloc “Cancer” in Occupy (but not in Anonymous)

Author Chris Hedges has been an important figure in the peace party’s revolt against the Obama administration’s war policy since 2009. His bona fides on this count are impeccable: he was booed and heckled while calling out the Bush administration … Continue reading

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Major Barbara

This blog has willingly engaged in open controversy lately over the president’s use of wartime authority. Do not mistake this work for some kind of apologetics, and rest assured I am as affirmatively liberal in my views on the subject … Continue reading

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Will Hayes Own Up?

By Emilia1956 It might be harmful to your health supporting the President. Already his supporters have been identified as the dumbest motherfuckers in the world by Jane Hamsher, GOP trolls paid by Andrew Breitbart by Joan Walsh, and now it … Continue reading

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Failure Is An Option

Anticipating a probable supercommittee fail, I checked teh googles today and found an eerily appropriate video offering a scientific look at failure. For “hypothesis,” substitute “legislation;” for “data,” substitute “votes in Congress;” for an emerging innovation, substitute political movement.

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