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Civics 101 on Morning Joe

Where Amy Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania explains why our government is built on compromise and why, without it, we are dead as a nation. Required viewing for those who still think the power lies mainly in the Executive … Continue reading

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When Men Treat Women Like This … There’s a Problem

Watch (from last Thursday’s Morning Joe):- Mika Brzezinski deserves some kind of medal for keeping her cool and being unfailingly polite when faced with what can only be described as a table filled with men whose mammas ought to hang … Continue reading

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Cupcake Media

So Darth Cheney sent Mika Brzezinski some cupcakes after she questioned a Cheney defender on the previous morning’s show: Here is the “tirade” to which Cheney was responding: BRZEZINSKI: You really think is was a good idea for the former … Continue reading

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