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It’s Politics In Summer, Yayyyyy

Thank God the state of the United States free press is strong, and no such falsehood would ever stand.

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When The Levee Breaks

“Disasters,” Jonathan Chait writes, “are inherently political, because government is political, and preventing and responding to disasters is a primary role of the state.” Rachel Maddow echoed Chait for the last few nights while discussing “the new normal” of a … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Knows Nothing About the World Except That He’s Afraid of it

Tonight, Mitt Romney proved why he should not be allowed anywhere near the levers of state power. President Obama accurately said his opponent’s shifting positions on global security issues are “all over the map,” but he might have added that … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Romney’s Social Media Director Involved With Collapsing National Bloggers Club

Last Friday, Alex Brant-Zawadzki blogged that Bill Murphy (right), the Social Media Director for the Romney campaign, is an associate of Ali Akbar, disgraced President of the National Bloggers Club. Today he reports that Murphy was actually the Director of … Continue reading

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“Waitress Moms” Are The New NASCAR Dads

No Republican presidential contender could reinvigorate the American class discussion better than Mitt Romney. Some surprising poll results show President Obama gaining ground with white working class women in those “key swing states” of Electoral Collage obsession.¬†National Journal calls them … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Double Reid Standard

In 2008, John McCain took one look at more than two decades of Romney’s tax returns and chose Sarah Palin for his running-mate.¬†At The Daily Beast, Michelle Goldberg points out how ludicrous the coverage of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Romney’s Israeli Kulturkampf

This is the kind of nonsense that makes me want to drink Strychnine and handle snakes. Governor Romney showed up in Israel to talk about the deficiencies of Palestinian “culture:” Mitt Romney told Jewish donors Monday that their culture is … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Liar

“Hunter,” a pseudonymous DailyKos writer, asks the impolitic question of our age. Why, with conservatism in full collapse and the right wing inmates running a Republican asylum, does the Fourth Estate have such a hard time calling Governor Romney a … Continue reading

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Mitt Masters Coded Language: A Euphemism for “White”

It’s Olympic Week in the UK. That’s the time to show stuff of Empire and how the Brits taught the world how to organise properly … well, that last bit’s a lie if their security shambles is proof of anything. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Romney Twitter Inflation

Governor’s Romney’s Twitter follower count suddenly inflated over the weekend. The website noticed a unexplained spike on Saturday. I doubt that anyone is trying to “plant a story to embarrass him,” as blogger Zach Green suggests; I have covered … Continue reading

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New Rule: If Obama Has to Show His Birth Certificate, Then Romney Has to Show His Tax Returns

In the spirit of Bill Maher, who’s taking a hike until the middle of August, I’d like to offer a New Rule of my own: If the President had to show is birth certificate to prove he was born in … Continue reading

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