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The True Confession of Mitch McConnell

I love the word “obfuscation.” It’s such a brilliant description of any Republican caught in the headlights of an interview, especially about healthcare reform, and  with what they’d replace the recently-proclaimed Constitutional Affordable Care Act. They were all over the … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: McConnell Manufacturing

The Republican Senate Majority Leader calls the War on Women “manufactured:” Get that? It’s not that Republican Senators tried to strip women of birth control access rights in their insurance plans, or the transvaginal probing bills and personhood legislation in … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: McConnell Whining

After three years of pure obstruction, Mitch McConnell has the cojones to get upset that Harry Reid has grown a spine about Obama’s judicial nominations. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so stupidly infuriating. Via ThinkProgress

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What Happened To “No”?

The Washington Post reports that Harry Reid will hold a cloture vote on financial reform Monday. GOP intransigence on the bill began to collapse on Monday and has now disintegrated. From WaPo last night: Key members of both parties said … Continue reading

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The New Death Panels

So the Senate finance reform bill has this provision in it that would require banks to pay into a kitty that would be used to liquidate future AIGs. Banks that are “too big to fail” would thus be allowed to … Continue reading

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