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Mars and Beyond

Make popcorn for this Disney classic on space exploration. Posted here in honor of NASA’s Curiosity rover mission, it features Werner Von Braun’s forgotten proposal for a manned mission to the red planet. His vision very much resembles the emerging … Continue reading

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40 Days To Mars

I’ve been following the VASIMR plasma rocket engine  for months. The technology is getting traction with Obama’s decision to reset NASA priorities. We’ll know more in April after the White House releases more details, but for now I’ll just repost … Continue reading

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Nuking Mars

The president is apparently going to skip the moon and take on Mars. New technologies make this far more feasible by cutting the transit time between planets to 39 days. While I’m not necessarily in favor of manned missions (you … Continue reading

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Mars Needs Republicans

This is why I listen to Bob Kincaid: Or as my pal Zirgar puts it: It just occurred to me that there’s plenty of room for the red staters to live on the big, pink, sweaty gas giant known as … Continue reading

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One Small Step To Mars

Successful launch of an Ares rocket. Way cheaper than a space shuttle, but all the press can talk about is whether Obama will keep the program: So that’s how we get to orbit. Here’s how we get further out: I … Continue reading

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Watch This Space

While we were watching that shiny balloon last week, the internet was abuzz over the news that deep-space exploration just became much faster — and more likely. It’s what Zandar, Mighty Destroyer of Stupid, calls an “Epic Civ4 Technology Win.” … Continue reading

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Faster Rockets To Bomb Mars With

The intertubes have been abuzz with discussion for days. By combining a new rocket technology with a gravitational slingshot effect, NASA can get future Mars missions cut to weeks instead of months in flight time. The new missile is called … Continue reading

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