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Morning Awful: McNugget Violence

Fast food is a dangerous job. Doing worker’s comp investigations, I’ve seen fast-food workers endure massive 3rd-degree burns, endure gunpoint robbery, take shots from random armed lunatics, and then be accused of malingering. This is actually a daily occurrence in … Continue reading

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Nickel and Dimed

Once again, the hardest-working Americans are the least likely to be treated well and the most likely to be exploited. Rresearchers were stunned to learn how widespread abusive practices were. Among the most depressing findings was the high success rate … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage

Popular wisdom will tell you that an increase in the minimum wage is bad for the economy. That view is propagated by Economics 101 professors, but it’s based only on theory — there’s absolutely no hard data to back it … Continue reading

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