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Morning Awful: Mike Huckabee, Fascist

Mike Huckabee’s brand of Ten Commandment-centered politics exempts violations of the commandments about lying and coveting — because Jesus hates unions: Don’t vote alone. Vote with someone—family, friends, relatives, people you work with. Make a list. Make a list of 10 … Continue reading

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Mike Huckabee is dealing with the fallout of his faith-based approach to pardons and paroles. Joe Conason elaborates at Huckabee granted mercy to prisoners whom he chanced to meet, to prisoners who had personal connections to him or his … Continue reading

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Make no mistake, this is what the beginning of the race for the 2012 GOP nomination looks like:

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Faux Noise had more affiliate vehicles there than CBS, NBC, and ABC put together. They dominated the spaces where Mike Huckabee’s bus had sat alone the day before. One local affiliate had bothered to bring a van on Sunday; the … Continue reading

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More Human Than Human

1. I believe Barack Obama is our next president, and what’s more, he’s the president America deserves. 2. I believe Hillary Clinton is a talking-point-dispensing robot sent to Earth by Neptunians. So is Mitt Romney. They must be stopped, or … Continue reading

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