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Moments Brought To You By #StopRush

In the heady days of 2009, Michael Steele had to apologize for calling Rush Limbaugh “incendiary.” Four years later, Michael Steele isn’t apologizing for calling out Rush Limbaugh’s idiotic remarks about Tom Perez, Obama’s nominee for labor secretary. StopRush has not only … Continue reading

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Teabaggers Failing

The wingnutosphere is restless; right-wing netizens seem to be in a mood for choking games with Michael Steele’s cash flow: Earlier today, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin published one of what has become a series of posts about previous donors to … Continue reading

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With Enemies Like These…

David Corn seems more cued-in to what the rest of the progressive left is missing: With profound challenges still facing the nation, what counts is what Obama can achieve by out-maneuvering and surmounting this opposition. Washington is long past the … Continue reading

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Steele is a Cow on the Tracks

Michael Steele says he is a cow on the tracks, trying to derail the train of health care reform: Steele might want to rethink that analogy. Responding, ThinkProgress reminds us that cows usually die when they get hit by trains. … Continue reading

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Michael Steele’s Website Fiasco

There is fail, there is epic fail, and then there is the rarefied realm of fiasco. The Republican Party wanted a fancy new website, with a virtual Michael Steele moving Matrix-like across the screen. The problem, is there’s no good … Continue reading

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Steele Likes ACORN, Pans Doctors

My apologies for this video, as it’s been produced without regard to viewers who might be more interested in the first person’s question. It’s of GOP Chairman Michael Steele saying nice things about ACORN: CNN gives us the context: On … Continue reading

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Michael Steele Still Arguing With Himself

At Intoxination, Jamie makes a great catch. It’s in the last few seconds of the video. Just three days ago, Steele accused Democrats of wanting to cut Medicare. Now Steele wants to cut Medicare. Someone please tell me how I … Continue reading

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Steele Argues With Himself

Until yesterday, I had been waiting in vain to hear anyone from the MSM question the basic premise of Republican fearmongering over Medicare reform. It finally happened, and Michael Steele was caught with his mental pants around his rhetorical ankles. … Continue reading

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Dear Michael Steele

Dear Mr. Steele, I see that you have called on the GOP to submit to a 12-step recovery program. “This is going to take some time, it is going to take some effort,” you said. “But we are prepared to … Continue reading

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Will Banking Bring Bipartisanship?

After three weeks of GOP-fed media narrative proclaiming Obama’s economic stimulus an epic fail, the coverage suddenly turned positive this weekend. The press woke up to the enormous victory Obama has scored despite intense obstructionism from the right. Rhetoric about … Continue reading

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