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Rush and Bill and the Media Boys’ Club of Misogyny

Happy International Women’s Day! Boy, we’ve come a long way, baby! It’s the 21st Century, and we are still caught up in the arguments of ineffectual white men who seek to have a say in our reproductive lives, control our … Continue reading

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OWS, You Really Don’t Want to Do This

By Emilia 1956 Last Tuesday, during his speech at a local high school in New Hampshire, the President inadvertantly encountered members of the Occupy Wall Street movement, who used their human mic as a means of heckling him. Watch:- You … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews and Hacks Use Political Mythology to “School” the President

By Emilia 1956 Chris Matthews has written a book. So has Michael Moore. So have Bill Maher, Glenn Greenwald, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Joan Walsh. Yes, folks, the pimping season has arrived, just in time for the Christmas sales. This … Continue reading

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The Professional Left and The Wizard of Oz

By Emilia 1956 In the UK, there’s a time-honoured Christmas tradition known as pantomime. It dates from the Middle Ages, from the old Christmas court pagentry. It’s basically a drama enactment on stage of well-known folk tales and nursery rhymes. … Continue reading

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The Radical Chic’s Favorite “Working Class Guy”

By Emilia 1956 Professional Left hypocrite Michael Moore agreed to sit down in a live “town hall” interview session last night, hosted by Piers Morgan. Morgan is a lot of pejorative things and a bigger douchebag than most, but he’s … Continue reading

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Michael Moore On Leno

I am so glad I watched this last night. Michael Moore has it exactly right: in order to change the way America distributes wealth, progressives need to take ownership of populist resentment over the bank bailouts and talk in the … Continue reading

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My girlfriend took me to see Michael Moore’s SiCKO last night. I was expecting to be amused and outraged, which is pretty standard for anything Michael does (and is why he’s such a target of conservative scorn). But SiCKO was … Continue reading

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