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AHIP Fail (UPDATE: Epic Fail!)

The Association of Health Insurance Providers (AHIP) released a broadside against health care reform yesterday in the form of an AHIP-funded “study” (PDF) which says reform will cause insurance premiums to go up 111% over the next ten years. That … Continue reading

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Max Baucus’s Plan Sucks

Senator Max Baucus is talking tough with Republicans, but he spent yesterday floating an abomination of a health care plan. Tabbing in at $900 billion over ten years, it guarantees coverage for almost everyone — but puts an incredible cost … Continue reading

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Undoing the Public Option

The quixotic quest for “bipartisanship” on health care reform, led by Max Baucus, D-MT against the express orders of the spineless Harry Reid, continues: WASHINGTON — After weeks of secretive talks, a bipartisan group in the Senate edged closer Monday … Continue reading

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