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Football And American Social Change

Overt racism and segregation died when Paul Bear Bryant announced he would no longer coach a segregated team in 1971. By the following year, the entire SEC was integrated, and George Wallace had opened up state government to African Americans … Continue reading

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Obama Nails Marriage Equality

I love having an articulate president.

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New York Marriage Equality: Theory of Change

What was that thing Russ Feingold said about how Democrats should tie one fiscal hand behind their back when dealing with Republicans? Because it turns out you can buy the change you want. Stein at HuffPo: The politics of gay … Continue reading

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What happens to a marriage deferred?

In Manhattan, the Marriage Bureau is on Worth Street, which I guess is a more suitable street name than Chambers or Cherry. The bureau is newly renovated. Here’s a blurb about it from the Times: “This place is really lavish,” … Continue reading

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