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The Democratic Party Marijuana Evolution

The same week President Obama “evolved” out of the gay marriage closet, congressional Democrats tried to evolve federal medical marijuana laws with a bipartisan amendment: None of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be … Continue reading

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Why Learn Civics When It’s So Much Fun Pissing on the President?

OK, Friday was 4/20. It was also my dad’s birthday. And it was also Hitler’s birthday too. Of course, limousine liberals would celebrate the first event and fingerpoint at the Right on the third, but it seems that the issue … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Bill in Alabama

This is much better than prison labor bills and HB 56 “fixes.” Rep. K.L. Brown, R-Jacksonville, will try to make medical marijuana legal in Alabama: Brown’s sister used medicinal marijuana to control her pain before she died of breast cancer … Continue reading

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Hemp For Victory

Remember, the whole reason Americans can’t grow hemp and make a thousand products out of it is that it looks just like something you smoke for fun.

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Morning Video

Child’s life saved with marijuana brownies.

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The Drug Gang That Wasn’t

The War on Drugs hit close to home the other night. Check out this article in my local newspaper about the county sheriff’s department executing a number of warrants for drug charges: Sheriff Ronnie Willis said the warrants were the … Continue reading

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