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Morning Awful: Liar

“Hunter,” a pseudonymous DailyKos writer, asks the impolitic question of our age. Why, with conservatism in full collapse and the right wing inmates running a Republican asylum, does the Fourth Estate have such a hard time calling Governor Romney a … Continue reading

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Wall Street Uprising Is Not A Main Street Production

The New York Times reported on events in the city this weekend: Throughout the afternoon hundreds of demonstrators gathered in parks and plazas in Lower Manhattan. They milled, held teach-ins, engaged in discussion and debate and in some instances embarked … Continue reading

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Forget Truth, We Want Controversy

One of my friends in the community of mountaintop removal activism found a hole in his gas tank this weekend. Someone had taken a drill to the plastic, leaving a large puddle of gasoline-soaked mud under his truck. It’s not … Continue reading

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The Bunning Breakdown

The Jim Bunning episode seems to have been a bridge too far even for Republicans. Harry Reid essentially left the situation to Mitch McConnell, the man who’d forced Bunning into retirement. Awkward! Faced with bad press, even ridicule — from … Continue reading

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I never, ever talk about celebrity culture in this blog. Some friends tell me that’s a shortcoming, but I think of it as my own personal rejection of the Huffington Post formula. Nevertheless, I admit the news of Brad Pitt … Continue reading

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a White Bronco!

Posted by MM Thursday, all of America was distracted by a bright, shiny object. For two hours, every major news source followed the slow progress of a homemade blimp, and reported with very little skepticism about the 6 year old … Continue reading

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Mad Money

The story of our ongoing financial disaster is an epic global labyrinth. There are so many moving parts to the meltdown that it still hasn’t been given a name. Paul Krugman may have gotten a head start in calling this … Continue reading

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Why We’re So Dumb About the World

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