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Doctor Seuss Explains Lou Dobbs

Doctor Seuss would slaughter KRS-One in a rap battle.

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Morning Awful: Lou Dobbs is Still on TV

If this fossil is going to remain on television, it needs to be on FOX — the channel for people who already think Yoda is secretly indoctrinating kids into Eastern mysticism, Harry Potter is promoting Satanic worship, and Tinky Winky … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Lou Dobbs

For some reason, Lou Dobbs is still allowed around a microphone. Worse, he’s gone full retard. Here he complains that a NASA outreach effort to the Arab world will somehow turn the space agency into bin Laden’s ICBM program:

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Who’s Stalking Lou Dobbs? (UPDATE)

Is someone angry enough at Lou Dobbs to shoot at his house? ThinkProgress says it’s more likely Dick Cheney was hunting nearby: Sgt. Jones, a spokesperson for the New Jersey State Police, confirmed that a bullet was found which struck … Continue reading

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Zombie Outrage

Dobbs doesn’t even know how stupid he sounds: Note that Dobbs doesn’t address Jon Stewart’s criticism: Dobbs is engaging in Zombie Outrage™: the hypocritical repetition of dead, debunked talking points to gain attention.

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Is Birtherism Dead?

At Media Matters, Eric Boehlert says Lou Dobbs has killed the birther story by raising it up to be debunked in mainstream media: Think about it, without Dobbs suddenly out front leading the stragglers who make the birther parade, do … Continue reading

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Stovepiping Teh Wacky™

Via Sadly, I have to agree with Zandar Versus The Stupid: the Republicans now openly and deliberately promote birther conspiracy. For those of you who missed Cheney’s virtuoso play to the fringe, here it is: Cheney backs away from … Continue reading

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