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Anarcho-Misogyny Apologetics in East Blogistan

One of the bloggers most responsible for Neal Rauhauser inflation in the wingnutosphere has some interesting views on the subjects of promiscuity, choice, and responsibility. A volunteer flagged me with this beauty last night; I could hear the heavy breathing as … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Libertarians

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Bill Maher Buys Indulgences

Forget about Rick Santorum. Bill Maher proves, indubitably, that you can take the boy out of the Catholic Church, but you can’t take the Catholic Church out of the boy (pun definitely unintended). Yes, Bill Maher ceased being associated with … Continue reading

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Pulling Back the Paul Curtain

By Emilia 1956 Andrew Sullivan, the reasonable voice of conservatism (well, he is a Brit), has endorsed Ron Paul as the best candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination. It’s an interesting and reasoned endorsement, acknowledging what Sullivan perceives to be … Continue reading

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If Tax Cuts Worked As Advertised, We Would All Be Rich

Current income tax rates make it possible for Warren Buffet to pay a lower rate of tax than his secretary: her income is earned as wages or salary, while his is “capital gains.” According to the aptly-named Laffer Curve and … Continue reading

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Idiots of Silicone Valley

From The Editor. It’s like a chapter of Atlas Shrugged: According to ConceivablyTech, Digital Playground, a major “porn heavyweight” in the US, has become Apple’s unexpected ally in the face-off with Adobe Flash. ConceivablyTech explains Digital Playground has said “that … Continue reading

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Gold Standard

I was tooling about the intertubes last night when I came upon one of those libertarian memes I love to debunk so much: we must do away with the Fed and return America to the gold standard! As I’m always … Continue reading

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