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Alabama Immigration Law Catches Dangerous Mercedes Executive

In the last decade, Alabama gave Mercedes $253 million to locate a plant in Tuscaloosa and then another $100 million to expand operations in the state. The only way to screw that up would be to pass a “papers please” … Continue reading

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Nothing Left To Lose

Mayor Bloomberg should try reading his own newswire before pontificating on the innocence of Wall Street. If he wants to know why Americans are willing to face pepper spray and batons, he need look no further than this study publicized … Continue reading

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I’ll Trade ACORN for KBR

The Constitution specifically prohibits “bills of attainder” — laws that single out a particular person or group. Thus the anti-ACORN bill has inadvertently opened a can of worms: The congressional legislation intended to defund ACORN, passed with broad bipartisan support, … Continue reading

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