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On Last Stands and Lost Causes

Slowly but surely, the urgency of the moment is becoming clear. The “new” Republican Party is prepared to sink to any low necessary to enact as much of its agenda as possible. With nearly one thousand abortion bills in the … Continue reading

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The Enduring Last Stand Of Gun Culture

Over at Huffington Post, Sam Stein laments the absence of strong gun control initiatives in the wake of last weekend’s shooting: (T)he inclination — from the sets of cable news shows to the desks of political reporters and the halls … Continue reading

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Defeat Strategy: Play With Fire

At the local Republican campaign headquarters today trying to learn something about the way Republicans are organizing, I spoke with two very affable gentlemen very concerned about the president’s birth certificate, a supposed flood of illegal immigrants that has been … Continue reading

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James Dobson and the New Christianity

In the year 2100 AD, folks like James Dobson will live the separate existence of Hasidic Jews — divorced from, but living alongside, the rest of American society. From Right Wing Watch, a PAW production: Dobson explained that if their … Continue reading

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Bachmann’s Last Stand

Flight of King James II after the Battle of the Boyne Later today, Michele Bachmann (R-Crazyland) will bring Faux Noise and teabaggers into the halls of Congress in what she calls a “last stand” against health care reform legislation. In … Continue reading

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What Sotomayor’s Confirmation Tells Us About the GOP

We have a new Supreme Court justice. Sonya Sotomayor was confirmed today by a vote of 68-31. The fact that every “nay” vote came from a Republican tells you what is wrong with the Grand Old Party these days. As … Continue reading

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Behold These Devils

Joe the Plumber called for the lynching of Senator Chris Dodd the other day — and he was the moderate in the room. Christopher Magiera of Wausau, a board member of Americans for Prosperity and a local political activist, said … Continue reading

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Symbols of Chaos

There are two ways to comprehend the following video. The first way is to see Elizabeth Coleman, the lady being raked over the coals, as yet another Bush-era know-nothing promoted to the level of her incompetence within an environment of … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck’s Tinfoil Hat

The march to the Last Stand continues. The LA Times reports today: Before Glenn Beck started his new show on Fox News in January, he sat down with Roger Ailes, the network’s chief executive, to make sure they were on … Continue reading

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Limbaugh’s Pep Rally

Rush Limbaugh rallied the culture warriors this weekend at the CPAC conference. Here’s a video, if you can stand to watch it. The video reveals both his strength and his greatest weakness: This is par for the course in Limbaugh’s … Continue reading

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Last Stand of the Culture Warriors covered House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) giving a speech about bipartisanship at a Georgetown University forum today. Hoyer said that if Republicans could write half of every bill that would be “the kind of bipartisanship that would make … Continue reading

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