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Square Deal

The term “fair deal” has been bandied about of late, but I like “square deal” because it resonates with all the issues wrapped up in the fight over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Both a movement and a president have … Continue reading

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An Explanation of Curse Words

Hank Green expounds on the evolutionary psychology of swearing. I can testify to the fact that it makes pain more endurable, which is why people react to unexpected pain out loud.

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The History of English in Ten Minutes

Actually, eleven and a half — but close enough. This is an excellent introduction to the history of the mother tongue, and poses exactly the right question at the end: if English has so little to do with England anymore … Continue reading

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Balls to the Wall, This is Not Effektive

Flula, a German man pursuing his passions for hip-hop and basketball in the US, has become a YouTube star by posting his wry observations on whatever American idiomatic expressions he’s heard lately.

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Suddenly German

The master race faced a cognitive dissonance between its needs and its rhetoric. Planning an offensive against Russia, a nation far more populous than Germany, der fuhrer found himself in need of allies. Solution: declare a Slavic, and therefore decidedly … Continue reading

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Narcissus Pronoun Nontroversy

In the continuing quest to promote their “narcissist” meme, Faux Noise has been counting the number of times the president uses the first-person singular pronoun in his speeches. Of course, they do this without context or comparison. Mark Lieberman makes … Continue reading

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Twitter and the End of Language

A not-safe-for-driving incident gets reported in a safe-for-work manner. From Australia: A woman accused of performing a sexual act on a man when he crashed in Darwin’s rural area is outraged at the allegation and says it is “absolutely wrong”. … Continue reading

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