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Morning Awful: Michelle Fields

Sheet Metal Workers International Association had a problem: some of its members were out of work and in need of any quick cash they could earn. The solution presented itself in CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference held in Washington … Continue reading

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Unions as a Rational Response

My friend Todd Farally wrote a DailyKos diary about his union shop: One of my brothers in Local 19 who we’ll call Jim (not his real name) told me his wife went in for a checkup and ended up needing … Continue reading

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Douchebags International, British Division

By Emilia 1956 There was a one-day general strike in the UK today. It only concerned public sector workers – teachers, nurses, firefighters, ambulance crew, some police, civil servants. Schools were closed, hospitals couldn’t admit or do routine surgical procedures. … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: FOX Thuggery

The FOX Noise formula is to project their own abuses of truth and language onto ideological enemies. There was another example of that yesterday when FOX doctored video of a Labor Day speech by Teamsters President James Hoffa, Jr. to … Continue reading

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More Like This Please

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Labor Day Blog

Remember how I said that Republicans were coming back to Washington with nothing to offer on health care? Obama said as much today in his Ohio speech to labor: We’ve never been this close. We’ve never had such broad agreement … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage

Popular wisdom will tell you that an increase in the minimum wage is bad for the economy. That view is propagated by Economics 101 professors, but it’s based only on theory — there’s absolutely no hard data to back it … Continue reading

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