Emails StopRush Volunteers Have Gotten From Limbaugh’s Fans


Ever since professional astroturfer Brian Glicklich identified ten StopRush volunteers last week and invited Rush Limbaugh’s fans to pester them by email, I’ve been collecting the results in a text file and posting at, where they keep getting taken down by the embarrassed people who wrote them. Funny how Glicklich’s “sauce for the liberal […]

Did Flight MH370’s Copilot Try To Say Goodbye?

I want to see him try this crap when the city tows his car from a fire lane

As the search zone narrows and unmanned submarines begin to search the ocean floor for signs of a missing Malaysian Airlines jet, investigators have revealed that copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid tried to use his cell phone as the plane passed Penang. For weeks now, I have speculated for that Flight MH 370 may have been […]

The Lost Horizon Hypothesis: Did Xinjiang Separatists Hijack Flight MH370? (UPDATE)


UPDATE: Scrutiny of the pilots of Flight MH370 has intensified, but nothing so far disproves the Lost Horizon hypothesis, not even a homemade flight simulator. To my mind, the clarified timeline of events supports a scenario in which the pilots acted under duress and according to instructions from a hijacker. From the Associated Press: Authorities have said […]

Quantum Cryptography


Before you lose your mind over the possibility that the NSA will hack your medical records with a quantum computer, just remember that quantum cryptography is a real thing, too. Luddite paranoia about technology “informs” the majority of linkbaiting and rhetoric on this topic, which is a sad statement on our post-scientific media. Quantum computers […]