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Paradise Island Has Always Been At War With Eurasia

Based on this story and a suggestion by Matt. From what I’ve heard of North Korea’s culture, this story is not that far from the party line.

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Clinton’s Photographic Appeasement

KCNA via KNS/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images That picture is what Kim Jong-Il wanted all along. In poor health, the Dear Leader is trying to manage a power transition to his chosen heir and craves the legitimacy of international politics. … Continue reading

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John Bolton: Some Follow-up Questions

Neocons will keep crawling out from under their rocks for years to come. Each has their own motive; Cheney, for instance, just wants to stay out of jail. But John Bolton, Bush’s strange choice of Ambassador to the United nations, … Continue reading

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Weekly World: Global Currency?

Hey, I’ve managed to do this two weeks in a row, which means it’s turning into a (gasp!) regular feature! We’ll start off the global news with China, a country that’s getting tired of financing the United States public debt: … Continue reading

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