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Arizona Drinks Fluoride-Free Kool-Aid

A radical fringe conspiracy theory has become Arizona state law: “Agenda 21″ is the new FEMA death camps. Tinfoil hat, Glenn Beck-addled Republicans are in charge of an American state legislature; before they’re done, Jan Brewer may have signed legislation … Continue reading

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Cleon Skousen Briefs the Tea Party

I submit that the term “tea party” should be de-capitalized. First of all, because there is no THE TEA PARTY. There are distinct national organizations that do not get along. Furthermore, the tea party has been around for years: Cleon … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Ron Paul Bircher BS

This old John Birch Society fearmongering video about the United Nations, starring a somewhat younger Ron Paul than we’re used to, has been making the rounds of the internet in the last 48 hours. It should put paid to the … Continue reading

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Koch’s Suckers

This is an epic deconstruction from Maddow. It is the most absurd form of right-wing projection that all of media and government are in the hands of some sinister conspiracy. In fact, that conspiracy theory itself is the conspiracy. Koch … Continue reading

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Did I mention I am working on video of 300 tea party patriots assembled under this today? They are working hard to transform the country in their image. They mean to destroy the Constitution in order to save it. End-times … Continue reading

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The Paranoid Universe

Last June, the New York Times took a look at the present-day John Birch Society: Yet for others, the John Birch Society is urgently relevant to the matters of today, in its support of secure borders and limited government, its … Continue reading

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The Banality of Teabaggery

The organization behind the Tea Party Express spends two-thirds of its money on “services” provided by the astroturf moguls behind it. From TPM: Our Country Deserves Better (OCDB) spent around $1.33 million from July through November, according to FEC filings … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor

This ran today. I fully expect to receive condemnation in the editorial pages as a result. To the Editor: I just read the AP story about, the Bible rewriting project proposing to erase the effects of “liberal academics” who … Continue reading

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