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Tea Party Purity

Sam Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, is mad at John McCain: “McCain was trying to use me,” Wurzelbacher said, according to public radio correspondent Scott Detrow. “I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a … Continue reading

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Spreading Hate for $1250/Minute

David Weigel covered the Right Online conference while I was at Netroots Nation: (T)he activists found some unity listening to Joe Wurzelbacher, still a sought-after conservative speaker who can charge as much as $10,000 for eight-minute speeches, 11 months after … Continue reading

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Hurricane Obama

Faith holds. This storm brings more than destruction. Water and wind bring renewal, baptism, and change. No levee can withstand the flood of time. Entropy is a universal constant and history is an irresistible force. Barack Obama is beneficiary of … Continue reading

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Piltdown Politics

In 1912, a fossil skull was discovered in a British gravel pit. Some scientists hailed Piltdown Man as the ‘missing link’ between apes and man, but many were suspicious. After four decades and some 250 research papers, Mr. Piltdown was … Continue reading

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The October Surprise is a Plumber

We have met the October Surprise, and his name is Joe. Or maybe Samuel. Details are still being sketched out. If you missed the debate last night, John McCain replaced ‘Joe Six-Pack’ with Joe the Plumber, referring to this Joe … Continue reading

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