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The Stupid Politics Of Freaking Out

I like David Roberts. I could even have a man crush on him for his ability to write about green issues with clarity and honesty. I’ve met him twice at Netroots and been charmed. But he’s been wrong before (haven’t … Continue reading

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Blog Action: Pass The Bill Now

CHALLENGE: During this recession, there have been five unemployed applicants to every new job. Hiring discrimination against the unemployed has made it even harder for the unemployed to find a job. Today, more Americans are unemployed than serving in the American … Continue reading

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You May Have A Sherman Minton Bridge Near You

Not to be alarmist, but the beams at fault in the Sherman Minton Bridge closure are apparently going to turn up in bridges everywhere: Inspectors discovered several fractures in the Sherman Minton Bridge well before Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels’ abrupt … Continue reading

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All You Need To Know About Obama, Republicans, And Jobs In Two Charts

Empirical evidence that federal jobs spending works, which is why Republicans oppose it so fervently. The first is via PoliticusUSA, the second via Jed Lewison at DKos.

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Will Greens Freak Out For Jobs?

I said yesterday: Friday’s progressive freakout over nixed EPA smog rules is not really about fighting smog, but the myopia of issue focus in the blogosphere and the inflated currency of online outrage. Transportation is a wonky subject that often … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Six Million Americans Jobless All Of 2010

The Wall Street Journal: The Labor Department’s report on work experience in 2009, released today, highlights the long-term unemployment problem that’s likely to linger for years. Some 5.8 million job-seekers were without work for the entire year in 2009, an … Continue reading

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Jim Bunning Provides

My girlfriend’s mother is still recovering from her car wreck in December. She was due to start a new job the next day, but of course she’s now unemployed — and as a result of the accident, she will probably … Continue reading

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IMF, Thy Name Is Hypocrisy

Guess what? The IMF is telling Britain it’s too soon to cut the welfare state in a recession. Yes, this is the same IMF that regularly produces ruinous disaster capitalism in the developing world. There’s a reason why torture and … Continue reading

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