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Jeff Sessions Against My Mom

If Republican legislators have their way, Arizona women will no longer be able to use birth control without their employers’ permission. I wish I was making this up. House Bill 2625 mirrors the argument in Washington, where Congressional Republicans are … Continue reading

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The Art of Reversal

Sure, Obama might have just issued an executive order and done away with DADT with a pen-stroke. But rather than set himself against the Pentagon, Obama decided to utilize the chain of command to strengthen the case for a reversal … Continue reading

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More Stupid Sessions

Try as they might, the GOP’s call to tea party activists to oppose Gitmo detainee trials in New York was a big fail. No one but press showed up at the hearing. David Corn reports: The hearing did heat up—because … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions Voted For Gang Rape

Republican senators are somehow surprised by negative publicity over their vote endorsing Halliburton’s gang rape cover-up. Both of my senators have attempted damage control. In response to my email, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) sent me a letter that is a … Continue reading

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Al Franken Making Waves in the Senate

Jamie Leigh Jones, age 19, was drugged and gang-raped by fellow employees of Halliburton subsidiary KBR while working in Iraq. The company kept her locked in a crate for several days and then sent her home. The doctor’s notes and … Continue reading

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Zero-Sum Republicans

A zero-sum game is one in which any player’s win is another player’s loss. If two people each have fifty marbles, the total number of marbles in the game can never exceed 100. If one player wins a marble, the … Continue reading

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The South Shall Lose Again

Today, Left In Alabama notes an incredible miscalculation by the GOP. For not only have the Republicans lost America, they are losing the south. Admitted that voting patterns seem to show a different story (white southerners turned out in droves … Continue reading

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