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Arc de Triomphe a la Syria

Continuing violence and atrocities are obviating any peace initiative in Syria: France now says the Security Council should consider the use of force in Syria if a UN-backed peace plan proposed by international envoy Kofi Annan fails to stop the … Continue reading

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Bahrain is Not Syria

Watch Bahraini police fire tear gas in response to Molotov cocktails. Bahrain’s uprising is just as legitimate and real as any in the world, but this is not a nonviolent protest; and Bahrain’s government is not the Assad regime. Two … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Russia’s “Last Chance” in Syria

Russia was one of the two UN Security Council members responsible for greenlighting the Assad regime’s crackdown on dissidents. Now Russia is reportedly losing patience with the ongoing massacres, as if they couldn’t see this coming: “This may be the … Continue reading

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The Syrian Experiment

As I said yesterday morning, China and Russia are using Syria as a laboratory for non-intervention. With a death toll already in the thousands, the opposition shows no sign of giving up and neither does Assad’s Alawite regime. A discussion … Continue reading

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Syria is an Experiment in Non-intervention (UPDATED)

And the Syrian people are losing. The news this morning is all about Syria exploding. Reports of aircraft being used to coordinate ground fire — including heavy weapons and artillery — should put the whole drone hysteria business into context … Continue reading

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On Armies and Revolution

A Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) soldier stands in line during a rehearsal of the Independence Day ceremony in Juba, Sudan, on July 5, 2011. The last king of France had blown his treasury on foreign wars, including the American … Continue reading

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Watch Out! Here Comes the Empire of Qatar

The Economist warns that a wide assortment of foreign actors stands to undermine the independence of the new Libya. And there’s a surprise: The worst offender is Qatar, according to several Tripoli-based diplomats. The small Gulf state was instrumental in … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop Me: a Mash-Up of the Arab Spring

A mash-up of the Arab Spring set to the indie-metal song “Can’t Stop Me” by Mass For The Machine.

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The Power of Rock Compels Them

If the character in the Tripoli street art on the right looks familiar, then you’re probably a fan of the band Disturbed and their breakout cover of Land of Confusion. So are the Libyan youth who charged out to battle … Continue reading

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Moammar Gadhafi Chose His Death

The Libyan revolution lasted nine months. According to the Vice President, America’s involvement cost the US taxpayer about $2 billion — less than one week’s expenses in Afghanistan. It turns out that helping people free themselves is cheaper in blood … Continue reading

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“We Are the Youth of Today”

The Libya Al Hurra TV crew singing “We Are the Youth of Today.” Their message is conspicuously lacking in fodder for concern trolls.

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