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Obama and Israel

What was I saying about a radical shift in the optics of US-Israel relations? Oh, yes: they’ve been turned on their head. From AP via HuffPo: In an exceptional step, no photographs of Netanyahu’s meeting Tuesday with President Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Nonviolence Applied to Israel

Is it just me, or have all the optics of US-Israeli relations been turned on their heads? Obama’s Israel policy has been consistent: while maintaining the security alliance, he’s patiently and persistently insisted on a halt to Israel’s “hostile development” … Continue reading

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Avatar in Israel

Your eyes do not deceive you. Life is imitating art, and that art is a breakthrough in virtual reality. I predict more of this around the world as the  DVD penetrates popular culture. Cameron has unintentionally birthed a meme of … Continue reading

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Israel Will Do Whatever It Takes

From the AP: JERUSALEM — Israel hardened its insistence Monday that it would do anything it felt necessary to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, just the ultimatum the United States hoped not to hear as it tried to … Continue reading

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Faux Edit™

Via ABC: Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz published an op-ed today in which Aluf Benn wrote of the deteriorating relationship between Israeli PM Netanyahu and Obama thusly: A photo released by the White House, which shows Obama talking on the phone with … Continue reading

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Weekly World News: Muslim Relations

Well, after a couple of weeks’ hiatus I am finally bringing back this feature. My apologies for the delay; workplace demands have made it difficult to keep up with global news. But the world has saved up plenty to talk … Continue reading

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