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Morning Awful: Romney’s Israeli Kulturkampf

This is the kind of nonsense that makes me want to drink Strychnine and handle snakes. Governor Romney showed up in Israel to talk about the deficiencies of Palestinian “culture:” Mitt Romney told Jewish donors Monday that their culture is … Continue reading

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Culture Wars Have Consequences

Remember those Orthodox riots in Jerusalem two years ago? Submitted, an exercise in creative editing with a Haaretz article: More than 4,000 people say they will attend a march in Beit Shemesh Alexandria, Egypt this week to protest the exclusion … Continue reading

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Morgan Spurlock Finds the Original Culture War

The Orthodox Jews shoving a documentarian around in this video are convinced their cause is righteous. They wage kulturkampf through a high birth rate, enforce epistemic closure in their community, and hold outsize political power. They have no shame about … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Glenn Beck in Israel

The crying clown has moved on from his late FOX Noise gig to take part in the anti-peace process, where he got heavy applause from Knesset culture warriors: [Beck] was serious when he said, “Here is the truth (about the) … Continue reading

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Israeli Audacity of Stopping Hope

I picked Montgomery, Alabama over being on this boat. Thankfully, CNN still does some international reporting and has a correspondent on board the Audacity of Hope. If you’ve been following Max Blumenthal’s excellent reporting, you’ll know that Israel has been … Continue reading

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Israel Isolated

More than the optics have changed. Today’s meeting is between Israel and its last, most important friend; the context of their relationship has changed. This is going to make culture warriors lose their minds. In fact, they already are. Angelo … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon TV: Hijacked History

I’d hoped to be able to include Ted Koppel’s piece at BBC America tonight, but it’s not available in embeddable format yet (note to BBC: why?). So here’s Ted Koppel in his WaPo op-ed the other day: The attacks of … Continue reading

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A Thousand Words

So this photo went out on the wire: And Reuters cropped it: Which Little Green Footballs’ Charles Johnson calls “proof” that (A) activists were armed with knives (B) Reuters is cropping photos for propaganda purposes, i.e. like FOX News. Problem: … Continue reading

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Flotilla Of The Tennessee

As this posts, I am actually away from the computer floating on a river. A canoe flotilla will be gathering trash in Tennessee this weekend; great fun and camping will be experienced. I might come home to a different world … Continue reading

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Flotilla Fallout

The United States is sticking with Israel, but at what price to Netenyahu? At FP, Abu Aardvark speaks: This crisis — and it is a crisis — is the fairly predictable outcome of the years of neglect of the Gaza … Continue reading

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Prepare to Repel Boarders

The national mythology of a plucky, lucky people determined in the face of overwhelming odds hasn’t been true of Israel since the 1970s, yet it still warps American reactions to events over there. Consider the following videos which “prove” the … Continue reading

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