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Emmanuel Goldstein in Mufti

It doesn’t matter if Emmanuel Goldstein is real; it only matters that we hate and fear him for two minutes a day. As I’ve said before, FOX Noise produces the very style of propaganda George Orwell deconstructed in the novel … Continue reading

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The New Test In Libya

One chief benefit of helping a democratic uprising without sending your own “boots on the ground” is that people generally want to commit fewer atrocities on their own communities: “I will be really relieved when we enter, but now I … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Libya Concern Trolls

I’ve noticed that Libya is having a peculiar effect on the fringe, which is reacting with unified concern for completely different reasons. Among the firebaggers, Libya will be swallowed up into the empire and its people oppressed. In the wingnutosphere, … Continue reading

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There is No Such Thing as “Sharia Islam”

There is no such thing as “Sharia Islam.” But it doesn’t matter whether the war is real, right? Infinite conflict keeps us angry, afraid, and stupid. As long as we hate and fear the Muslim, we will keep voting for … Continue reading

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How Does Juan Williams Know They’re Muslim?

It’s not up to Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, or Newt Gingrich to decide whether NPR can fire Juan Williams. His right of free speech is the radio network’s, too: they get to decide who speaks on their programs. Williams was … Continue reading

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Islam and Democracy

If you put your cursor on the upward-pointing arrow in the bottom right corner, a little menu will pop up. Click on “CC” to read the captions in English. This is a representative of Iran’s parliament disproving every civilization-clasher’s assertion … Continue reading

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