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The Memory Hole

Radio Free Europe reports that the only books allowed at this year’s Tehran book fair are those written since 2005, the year he took office. Iran’s Writers Association has said in a statement that a number of prominent publishing houses … Continue reading

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Security Council Whip Count

There is no greater test of a consensus-builder than the United Nations. Literally nothing happens in that building without everyone who matters plus a majority of the rest. So when we read that a diplomatic effort in Europe has led … Continue reading

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Iran Explodes (UPDATING)

11:47 PM What did I say about the divisions within the regime? Oh, yeah: the battle lines are drawn between the clerics and the soldiers as well as between the clerics. Exhibit B: Mr. Milani, for example, pointed to what … Continue reading

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Iran: Jet Prep

There’s a lot going on this morning. Radio Netherlands is reporting the Supreme Jurist of Iran has ordered his plane prepared in case he must flee the country. Just so we understand, Khamenei never leaves the country — it’s part … Continue reading

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CNN’s Virtual Coverage

Usually, there are just two shots in a developing news story. CNN viewers watched the guy in the bomb-proof suit walk up an Airbus jetway about five thousand times the other day while speculation interviews took up airtime. But there … Continue reading

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A Question Ahmadinejad Won’t Answer

Judith Shulevitz reviews Nicholas Wade’s “The Faith Instinct” and sums up his argument thusly: (R)eligions are machines for manufacturing social solidarity. They bind us into groups. Long ago, codes requiring altruistic behavior, and the gods who enforced them, helped human … Continue reading

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Paranoid Dictators Say The Funniest Things

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Ahmadinejad reportedly claims he has documented evidence that the U.S. is blocking the return of Mahdi, the Imam believed by Muslims to be the savior. “We have documented proof that they believe that a descendant of … Continue reading

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Question Time for Khamenei

In case you have not heard, a 20-year old Iranian math whiz spent 20 minutes questioning the Supreme Leader of Iran on October 28th. The news is only now reaching a wide audience in the US: “I don’t know why … Continue reading

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Neither Gaza, Nor Lebanon. My Life For Iran

Today was Quds Day in Iran: the last Friday during Ramadan, when the clerical government encourages citizens to display their hate for Israel with marches and chants. Ahmadinejad gave a speech filled with Holocaust denial and apocalyptic language towards Israel. … Continue reading

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Morning Awful

Her name was Mona. Her crime was teaching. Her sentence was death. In Jerusalem Post today, a member of the Basij religious police makes a shocking confession: He said he had been a highly regarded member of the force, and … Continue reading

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Passing Oceania

The world of 1984, as envisioned by George Orwell From the New York Times: BEIJING — In the wake of Sunday’s deadly riots in its western region of Xinjiang, China’s central government took all the usual steps to enshrine its … Continue reading

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