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The Myth and Reality of Persian Nuclear Ambition

Media Matters asks exactly the right question: why has Iran been “just months away” from developing thermonuclear weapons for so many years? As I have been saying since the drumbeat for war began in the Bush years, the regime in … Continue reading

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Iran Hysteria: Running the Numbers

The United States military is going to keep 15,000 troops in Kuwait. This makes many observers worry about increased tensions with Iran. RT America can stand for the others: Gen. James Mattis, the Marine Corps head that rules over the … Continue reading

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Electronic Warfare

Iran’s captured drone certainly didn’t land without a bump, as you can see in this still I took from the video released yesterday: that ding is the kind of mark a small tree or bush leaves on an aircraft. Flat … Continue reading

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They’ll Fight For Freedom, Wherever There’s Trouble

I promise, this series is not just a bunch of cool logos I made in GIMP. (CLICK TO EMBIGGEN) Magic Love Hose makes comics for He lives in Canada where he can lob grenades into America’s political process from … Continue reading

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Persian Oligarchy

His idiotic Holocaust revisionism, aggressive statements on Israel, and avowed Mahdism make it easy to draw the popular caricature of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a crazy, nuclear-obsessed dictator. He is just a useful distraction for the regime, though, as … Continue reading

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Lula’s Nuclear Deal

Let me begin by reasserting that I don’t believe Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Iran wants nuclear power because there’s a demographic bulge threatening its electrification success, the price of oil is high enough to justify selling it instead … Continue reading

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The Memory Hole

Radio Free Europe reports that the only books allowed at this year’s Tehran book fair are those written since 2005, the year he took office. Iran’s Writers Association has said in a statement that a number of prominent publishing houses … Continue reading

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Whither Sanctions?

In announcing that the united States would forego nuclear response to non-nuclear attack, the president hinted at his approach to Iran sanctions: Mr. Obama said he wanted a new United Nations sanctions resolution against Iran “that has bite,” but he … Continue reading

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Grand Bazaar

The Mall of America ain’t got nothin’ on this place. Ten square kilometers of shopping!

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Saturday Afternoon TV

Modern Warfare’s Iran-Iraq War

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Carpet Salesman Alert

From Newsmax comes hype for a book by a pseudonymous Persian and former member of the Iranian Republican Guard: His greatest frustration, he said, was not being able to persuade his CIA handlers of the threat from Iran’s rulers. “I … Continue reading

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