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The Future of the Internet Taking Shape

The British Guardian reported last week that the United States has given up control of the internet. Or to be more precise, it has given up control of the organization that controls the internet: The deal, part of a contract … Continue reading

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Local Campaign, World Wide Web

“Local Campaign, World Wide Web: Politics, the Internet, and the Future of Public Life.” The local-to-global nature of netroots campaigning deserves its own forum. Matt Compton is communications director for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. That’s a fancy way of … Continue reading

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Is Palin Staking a Claim? (UPDATE)

Out of curiosity tonight, I checked every URL I could think of for Sarah Palin in 2012. They’re all “under construction.” The database shows them held privately, which basically says that some anonymous party has staked out the internet … Continue reading

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Piltdown Politics

In 1912, a fossil skull was discovered in a British gravel pit. Some scientists hailed Piltdown Man as the ‘missing link’ between apes and man, but many were suspicious. After four decades and some 250 research papers, Mr. Piltdown was … Continue reading

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