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Electronic Arts, The Consumerist, and the Myopia of Internet Slacktivism

In place of Political Gunpowder, I’d like to do a brief blog post. Recently, Electronic Arts was voted the worst company in North America by the readers of The Consumerist. They won this dubious award over Bank of America – … Continue reading

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**Electorate Sets Mode: +O Obama**

I have officially been on the Internet too long.

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Newt Gingrich Rageface

The photo on the left is from Charles Ommanney of Newsweek. It makes Newt look like a ragecomic, the memetastic drawings that populate websites like Reddit and 4Chan. Users make ragecomics with a set of template characters, of which Mega … Continue reading

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This Is Not A Drill

IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE INTERNET Osborne Ink went dark for twelve hours today along with an estimated 7,000 other websites, including WikiPedia, Reddit, and Wired. This is to show you what the internet may look like if the United States … Continue reading

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Cops Scared Witless by Internet Meme

For those of you just joining us, Pedobear began life as an internet meme — a Japanime character used to flag illegal pornographic content on 4chan. Someone in New Mexico is immune to irony, however, because they’re telling parents to … Continue reading

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Netroots Failure

I caught this at Reuters last week. It’s an analysis of the likely outcome of the FCC’s net neutrality decision this week: “There aren’t really any better options for Copps and Clyburn than to support the chairman, despite their preference … Continue reading

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Geeks Shall Rule The World

The Guardian is the only newspaper to which I would actually subscribe anymore. This article on how WikiLeaks supporters have engaged in DDOS attacks (Distributed Denial Of Service) finds the pulse of the issue: A 22-year-old spokesman, who wished to … Continue reading

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L’Affaire Assange

Unknown hackers are busy attacking various websites today in response to the U.S. pressure tactics on WikiLeaks; I expected as much. Without a sanction, corporations are more than willing to help the advance of fascism in America. If WikiLeaks is … Continue reading

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Gibson’s Law Strikes Again

The first thing down the memory-hole is the existence of a memory-hole. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy — the man in charge of Australian internet censorship — has been caught censoring his own government site with a script that removes references … Continue reading

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Internet Nominated for Nobel Prize

I’m not making this up.

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The Emperor’s New Map

The AP has stirred my inner map geek at exactly the right time. A million-dollar map is on rare public display: The map created by Matteo Ricci was the first in Chinese to show the Americas. Ricci, a Jesuit missionary … Continue reading

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