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Morning Awful: Idiocracy Triple Play

Behold the modern media conversation in a single photograph! From right to left: a politic comedian, an idiot, and a comic politician. The ends make the middle, leaving no room for a serious or factual discussion of any kind. “Snooki” … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Florida Idiocracy

The University of Florida is eliminating its computer science department to save $1.4 million while increasing its athletic budget by $2 million. That’s right: a flagship university with tens of thousands of computers on campus is prioritizing sports over computer … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: NOM Idiocracy Memo

Remember the allegations of racial wedge politics during the Prop 8 battle in California? Well, shock and surprise, it turns out that’s actually what equality opponents have been trying to do. “The strategic goal of this project is to drive … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Idiocracy

Stacy Hintz has my sympathy. If you haven’t heard, the 28-year old mother was fired from her volunteer job leading a Girl Scout troop in Wisconsin because she included a link to her husband’s website, Wisconsin Sickness, in an email … Continue reading

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TIME Magazine is Keeping You Dumb

Media doesn’t tell you what to think; media decides what you should think about. If you’ve wondered why Americans are so dumb about the world, the side-by-side comparison of TIME Magazine covers explains a big part of our problem. Original … Continue reading

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Bidding Berlusconi Buh-Bye

By Emilia 1956 You thought eight years of Bush was bad, try 17 years of Berlusconi. A lot of Americans right now – on the Left as well as the Right – are being stupid in blaming all the problems … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Chasing Idiocracy

Via ThinkProgress, video of the moment that made me turn off the GOP debate video feed Wednesday night: Education is the world’s number one economic development tool and the only remaining source of upward mobility in America. College students are … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Teach the Test, Cheat the Student

National education standards (read: No Child left Behind) have replaced teaching with testing. Not only has this made our children dumber at everything except filling out bubbles, it has led to desperate teachers fudging results: Teachers spent nights huddled in … Continue reading

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States of Dissolution

That spate of new Republican legislatures enacting austerity? They’re doing more harm than good: Cutting state services not only harms vulnerable residents but also slows the economy’s recovery from recession by reducing overall economic activity. When states cut spending, they … Continue reading

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Getting Back on Track, Part 1

Annie Road is a patriotic wannabe American and illegal immigrant, who knows that bad advice is worse than no advice at all. If you’ve been following along with my immigration woes, you’ll know that I ran into a whole mess … Continue reading

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A Driving Concern

Annie Road is a patriotic wannabe American and illegal immigrant who uses her turn signal indicator even when there’s no other traffic. We all know what happened on September 11, 2001.  For those of you living under a rock for … Continue reading

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