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Spammer Causes Online Meltdown

On December 10th an unknown spammer posted a selectively-edited video of Senator Carl Levin at YouTube and proceeded to tweet the link 45 times over 24 hours. The link is now dead (video deleted by user), but it has already … Continue reading

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No Politico Links

I’m joining the blogger boycott of Politico. HuffPo’s David Linkins reports: As a part of its ongoing effort to retain exclusive brand licensing rights to a word that’s been a part of the English language since the early seventeenth century, … Continue reading

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What Was I Saying About Paywalls?

Oh, yeah. I was saying the New York Times ought to give up on paywall strategies. They might look at their Long Island neighbor, Newsday, which erected a paywall three months ago and today enjoys a whopping thirty-five website subscribers. … Continue reading

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The Hyperlink Age and Big Media

I’ve been posting lately on the failures of Big Media and their consequent resentment and jealousy of new media. Not only does this lead the MSM to manufacture controversy, it enables the right wing media machine to stovepipe their insanity. … Continue reading

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