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Morning Awful: Closet Romney

False compassion is always dissonant. Mitt Romney says same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children, but they should not be married. See, the important thing is that every child be raised by one man and one woman, even if … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: God Says Beat Your Kids Straight

North Carolina “Pastor” Sean Harris gives his excited parishioners permission to punch, slap, beat, and humiliate their children for perceived gender-bending. If you were wondering where Republican voters get turned into rabid, mindless hate machines, it isn’t just talk radio … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Grenell Goes

Despite lingering questions over the exact sequence that led to Mitt Romney’s openly-gay national security spokesman leaving the campaign, the optics are exactly what the Romney team wanted to avoid. That wedge just doesn’t cut their way like it used … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Osteen Dissonance

Opposing gay marriage is not discrimination because the bible calls it a sin. But megachurch warbler Joel Osteen would be the first to say that expanding the civil marriage franchise to all Americans regardless of who they love…somehow discriminates against … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Authoritarian Homophobia

Science once again proves the obvious: homophobia is mainly the result of self-oppressed, latent homosexuality. The latest evidence comes from the University of Essex, which tested participants for discrepancy between their overt (i.e. stated) and implicit (demonstrated) sexual orientation: RESULTS: … Continue reading

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Reuben Lack’s Lawsuit is Not About Gay Rights at the Alpharetta Prom

When I first heard of Reuben Lack and his lawsuit against Alpharetta High School, I accepted the story as received: teenager versus fuddy-duddy adults is the oldest plot in the world, after all. Press coverage picked up that narrative framework … Continue reading

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So Don’t Vote … And This Is What You Might Get

By Emilia1956 Hey, all y’all EmoProgs and Professional Sheisters Lefties in the media … still promoting “Mitt’s the Shit” like your creature Bill Maher does from time to time … subtly promoting him as the acceptable, civilised Republican, when Ron … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: A Culture-War Win

What an item to wake up to. America has passed the tipping point, and so has the GOP: (W)hile in 2009 50% of Republicans polled felt their party should oppose marriage equality instead of supporting or avoiding it, in 2011 … Continue reading

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