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Shadrack McGill Wants an Old Testament Civilization

This video needs to go viral. It’s of Alabama’s own State Senator Shadrack McGill (the guy who said God wants teacher pay cuts) declaring that education, taxes, and budgets are less important than “morality,” by which he means abortion. When … Continue reading

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Cleon Skousen Briefs the Tea Party

I submit that the term “tea party” should be de-capitalized. First of all, because there is no THE TEA PARTY. There are distinct national organizations that do not get along. Furthermore, the tea party has been around for years: Cleon … Continue reading

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The Greenwald Misconceptions

Juan Cole, in the most readable essay of the week, hammers Glenn Greenwald for his insistence that America led the charge to intervention in Libya: There is no evidence for this allegation whatsoever. When I asked Glenn Greenwald whether a … Continue reading

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India’s 9/11 is India’s Sixties

Some eerily familiar elements are emerging as the shock wears off. India’s intelligence agencies were warned about possible amphibious attacks in that city, specifically at the Taj Hotel. The terrorists seem to have hoped that their tenuous links to Pakistan … Continue reading

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