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Scary Stupid Headupassitis

By Emilia1956 For the umpteenth time, Hillary Clinton has said she’s leaving politics. She’s not interested in running for President. She’s finished. Done. Retired. For the time being. At least after this stint as Secretary of State. According to an … Continue reading

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The New York Times Has a Ticket to Ride

By Emilia 1956 Now that we’re in another election year, who remembers this nugget from almost four years ago? That’s right … Harriet Christian, the long-time Democrat and PUMA, who just couldn’t believe that the Democratic Party would choose, as … Continue reading

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Harry Turtledove Fanfiction

I think it’d be just peachy keen if the progressive movement started acting like a movement that was all about a better future instead of a different past. Magic Love Hose is not a professional politician. You can trust him … Continue reading

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Hillary Laughs at Bolton

Hillary Clinton demonstrates the appropriate response to any and all neocon nincompoopery: More of the same, please. Neocons need to be laughed off the set of every cable network and op-ed page. They’ve been nothing but wrong about absolutely everything.

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More Human Than Human

1. I believe Barack Obama is our next president, and what’s more, he’s the president America deserves. 2. I believe Hillary Clinton is a talking-point-dispensing robot sent to Earth by Neptunians. So is Mitt Romney. They must be stopped, or … Continue reading

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Ron Paul as Ralph Nader?

Chris Weigant said it yesterday, and I have to second him: Ron Paul is the spoiler candidate for 2008. After failing to gain the Republican nomination, his run as a Libertarian is likely to put a Democrat in the White … Continue reading

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