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Letter From Summersville Hospital

This is the fight the TeaParty maniacs want to wage. They wage war against the weakest among us in deference to the strongest. Continue reading

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Papa John’s CEO’s 16 Acre Estate Not Big Enough Yet to Give Employees Health Care

With the reelection of President Obama, pizza mogul and longtime funder of right wing politics John Schnatter despairs of being able to add an elevator to his 22-car underground garage unless he cuts back on full time staff: Schnatter, a … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Papa John’s Plaza

John Schnatter founded Papa John’s Pizza and then went on to become a source of right wing political funding. Lately, he’s been doing his best imitation of a Randian producer by threatening to raise his prices eleven to fourteen cents … Continue reading

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The True Confession of Mitch McConnell

I love the word “obfuscation.” It’s such a brilliant description of any Republican caught in the headlights of an interview, especially about healthcare reform, and  with what they’d replace the recently-proclaimed Constitutional Affordable Care Act. They were all over the … Continue reading

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Progressives Have One Million Plans

One of the more hilarious right wing memes out there is the idea that every progressive is a Saul Alinsky acolyte. Alinsky titled his book Rules For Radicals because all too often, radical action stirs no real change. Today’s example … Continue reading

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Alabama Will See Things We’ve Never Seen Before

Alabama won’t be getting a new dime of new revenue. Governor Robert Bentley has taken the no-new-taxes pledge, so instead lawmakers will fill the hole with cuts to Medicaid and S-CHIP programs. That’s right, the dermatologist-governor would rather take health … Continue reading

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April Fool’s, We’re Dead

Going to go empty the drinks cabinet.

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Republicans Want Medicare to Cost Less Except When They Don’t

Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” would slash Medicare spending by voucherizing it. Greg Sargent at WaPo: The cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and other health care programs — including repealing health care reform — are the bulk of the “savings” in … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions Against My Mom

If Republican legislators have their way, Arizona women will no longer be able to use birth control without their employers’ permission. I wish I was making this up. House Bill 2625 mirrors the argument in Washington, where Congressional Republicans are … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Alabama Ultrasound Sexual Torture

Alabama will dare to tread where Virginia faltered. HB418 and SB12 would require doctors to perform an invasive ultrasound if it would display the fetus more clearly — and they would have to describe the images to the woman if … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Steve King

Remember, an accident victim in the ICU should have to answer questions about their immigration status — but God forbid they should be able to purchase health or auto insurance. Via ThinkProgress.

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