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Morning Awful: Homeopathy

Darryl Cunningham Investigates: Homeopathy.

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The Truth About Health Care

For those who don’t know, until this week I worked for a large national company in a call center. Most of the calls I took dealt with prescriptions in one form or another. Since the health care debate is heating … Continue reading

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GOP Health Care Proposal

Obama asked Congress for a plan that does three things: “it must reduce costs, guarantee choice, and ensure quality care for every American.” The GOP plan is out today, and it doesn’t accomplish any of that. Yes, it guarantees a … Continue reading

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It’s Coming Down

California, Louisiana, Alaska. Three states with Republican governors aspiring to a 2012 presidential bid (although one would need a Constitutional amendment). All three are in a state of budgetary collapse. Tell me again why anyone is still listening to crap … Continue reading

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Of Mothers and Donut Holes

If you were wondering why the “dial line” on CNN hit 100% among women while Barack Obama talked about health care in Tuesday night’s debate, I have this to say:BEEP. “AARP Prescription Discount Program.” That sound comes through my headphones … Continue reading

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The Evils of Socialized Medicine

BEEP. Mail service call. “Hello, this is Matt. How may I help you?” Right off the bat, there is an edge to the caller’s voice. Before I can help him, I need his name, his date of birth, and his … Continue reading

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My girlfriend took me to see Michael Moore’s SiCKO last night. I was expecting to be amused and outraged, which is pretty standard for anything Michael does (and is why he’s such a target of conservative scorn). But SiCKO was … Continue reading

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Swiftboating for Kids

Once again, Republicans are for the children until they are against them. Time Magazine ran an article this week about Graeme Frost, the disabled child who spoke out for SCHIP and got swift-boated for it. Once again, it’s shoot-the-messenger time … Continue reading

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Visiting Socialism

“If S-CHIP is creeping socialism, then maybe it’s time more Americans found out what socialism looks like.” That was my thought today as I left the VA medical center in Birmingham, Alabama, where a courteous and professional staff gave me … Continue reading

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