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Bradley and the Birthers: a Manning-Militia Mix?

Over the weekend, a progressive organizer and friend was approached by members of Oath Keepers. Apparently, the organization is looking for allies in the peace movement by comparing Bradley Manning to Terry Lakin. From the Colorado Independent: “What if Terry … Continue reading

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Morning Awful

Tell you what, Mr. Fischer — since my own service disability was caused by a suicidal Christian from Missouri, let’s ban all Christians from driving military vehicles until such time as we can perfect the “suicidal Christian” detector. That way … Continue reading

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Obama Lynched in Effigy

You know, I actually have to respect this Mr. Lunsford. Say what you want about his open, recalcitrant racism (and I will); the man has enough cojones for straight talk while the majority of McCain-Palinites continue to speak in code. … Continue reading

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