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The Morning Awful

Halliburton propaganda films: Halliburton not only lost $100 billion of taxpayer money in the desert; now they’re responsible for a multibillion-dollar oil spill cleanup. Why should this corporate-person be trusted with anything again? If this corporate-person was a corporeal-person, they … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions Voted For Gang Rape

Republican senators are somehow surprised by negative publicity over their vote endorsing Halliburton’s gang rape cover-up. Both of my senators have attempted damage control. In response to my email, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) sent me a letter that is a … Continue reading

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Al Franken Making Waves in the Senate

Jamie Leigh Jones, age 19, was drugged and gang-raped by fellow employees of Halliburton subsidiary KBR while working in Iraq. The company kept her locked in a crate for several days and then sent her home. The doctor’s notes and … Continue reading

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