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The Enduring Last Stand Of Gun Culture

Over at Huffington Post, Sam Stein laments the absence of strong gun control initiatives in the wake of last weekend’s shooting: (T)he inclination — from the sets of cable news shows to the desks of political reporters and the halls … Continue reading

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GOP HCR defeat strategy undone by 2nd Amendment

According to a diary up at Daily Kos, efforts to undo the mandate in court will not succeed because of a precedent involving guns. The Militia Act of 1792 required That every citizen, so enrolled and notified, shall, within six … Continue reading

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Kevin Bacon, Star Trek, and Urban Violence

While hanging out at Bob Cesca’s Goddamn Awesome Blog Go! today, I found myself posting a very lengthy comment, on which I now base my blog for the day. Why do gun owners “bitterly cling” to their guns? Because guns … Continue reading

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