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Dear Kevin Kordes

Dear Mr. Kordes, I received your missive by way of the website, where Wendy Gittleson did an adequate job of letting people know how to get in touch with your employer. Welcome to the world of blogtivism, where your … Continue reading

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Firepower and Empowerment

For his book Skipping Towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in America, author Dan Savage took a trip to a gun range — and discovered, to his surprise, that he actually enjoyed shooting. I was … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin and the Shot Heard ‘Round the Suburbs

Culture war escalated into a shooting war in Sanford. Florida’s NRA-written “stand your ground” law was passed as an expansion of the right of self-defense, but that’s not what it does. This is no accident; it was deliberate business strategy. By … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Stand Your Ground

The lawmakers who passed the “stand your ground” law in Florida apparently don’t understand it. This will likely mean that George Zimmerman never spends a single day in jail for the murder of Trayvon Martin: “That’s not what the law says,” … Continue reading

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The Sword Maker

The samurai and his sword are both examples of warfare as a cultural adaptation, and became the very purpose of the culture for centuries — a means become an end. Today, we feel differently about swordsman and sword: the former … Continue reading

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Gun Culture Sticks Up For Culture War

I found an NRA booth at a Huntsville tea party event, not fifteen feet from a display of homophobic merchandise. So it’s no surprise to read that the organization has dropped the DC law firm that won’t defend DOMA. The … Continue reading

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Resistance And Gun Culture

Writing in the LA Times, the inestimable Barbara Ehrenreich notes that guns have replaced protest in right-wing American culture: There are all kinds of explanations for how Americans lost their grass-roots political mojo: iPods have been invoked, along with computer … Continue reading

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The Enduring Last Stand Of Gun Culture

Over at Huffington Post, Sam Stein laments the absence of strong gun control initiatives in the wake of last weekend’s shooting: (T)he inclination — from the sets of cable news shows to the desks of political reporters and the halls … Continue reading

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Armed Liberals

ZIRGAR’s recent comment on my Epistle to Gun Huggers speaks for me, and for all armed liberals: Yes, they have the right to wear their sidearms wherever they choose, and as a gun owner and under the protections of the … Continue reading

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They’ve Already Lost

I can’t say it any better than Chez Pazienza: “It’s too late for opponents of gay marriage; they’ve already lost. The genie is out of the bottle, he’s fabulously dressed, and there’s no putting him back in.” Here’s Iowa State … Continue reading

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What Obama Can Do About Teh Wacky™

By now, you’ve heard the news that Richard Poplawski ambushed police officers with a high-powered rifle in Pittsburgh. And you’ve probably heard his friends say the killer thought Obama was going to take his guns away. Maybe he got that … Continue reading

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