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My Valentine From Joan Walsh

The Salon editor doesn’t like one of my co-bloggers, and felt it necessary to say so Sunday night in a direct message on Twitter. I’m not sure she ever actually followed me, or saved herself the trouble of un-following me … Continue reading

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My Name Is Magic Love Hose, And I Am a Shopaholic.

This is a hard post to write and an unusual one. Bear with me, please. If you’re bored by personal lollygagging on a politics and wonk blog, click here instead and watch the kitty be adorable. Today, after a long and arduous process … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar

By Emilia 1956 Behold, a bare-faced liar! And behold a weakness of the Occupy movement, that a crowd gathers every time a famous face appears, ostensibly, to bless the movement and to express solidarity with the protesters, even though the … Continue reading

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A Little Women Problem

By Emilia 1956 One week before I’m about to fly home to the States for a visit, and all I hear coming from that side of the Pond is Herman Cain, Herman Cain, Herman Cain. Looks as though the Republicans … Continue reading

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It’s Still Bigotry

The New York Times ran a very interesting story today about civility – or manners – being decidedly on the decline in the South – you know, that last bastion of hospitality. The article was insightful, but not half as … Continue reading

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When the Big Tent Sucks

I don’t like Republicans. I never have. I was raised to think of them as the social and political enemy of my kind, the Democrats, but just because I’m not fond of all Republicans in general, doesn’t mean I extend … Continue reading

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Occupy the Professional Left

By Emilia 1956 When two esteemed and respected journalists members of the Professional Left decided to make a fashion statement foray amongst the protesters on Wall Street recently, they were surprised at the reception they received. They were served with … Continue reading

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The Truth That Hurts

By Emilia 1956 From The New York Times, a comment about Occupy Wall Street from a reader in Chicago:- The leaderlessness and the lack of any agenda or even the desire to engage the system. Shows an almost total lack of … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Addresses Racism…Unfortunately, Not His Own

By Emilia 1956 On Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill’s final New Rule dealt with the Niggerhead Incident and the Republican Party’s official stance on racism, which is, basically, to deny it. Here’s Bill’s editorial in full:- He makes a … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Could Be a Seminal Moment…or it Could Not

By Emilia 1956 When the London (and other English cities) riots rampaged earlier this year, I read with droll amusement, the armchair activist quarterbacks’ wistful comments in Huffington Post and elsewhere, basking in admiration and awe of what they thought they … Continue reading

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Our Gang Goes Political – 2011 Version

By Emilia1956 Remember the old film shorts from the 1930s “Our Gang?” Ever wonder who the Our Gang crew would grow up to be if they went into politics? Well … Let’s pretend a reality television show was produced entitled … Continue reading

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