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Taking the GOP Back to Square One

Based on a tweet by Zandar Versus the Stupid. Here is the tweet. Here is Zander’s thoroughly awesome blog. Magic Love Hose is not a professional politician. You can trust him because of in spite of that. He has a … Continue reading

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Wheat From Chaff: A Visual

Republicans have blinked on appointments. The wheat-from-chaff technique requires a hard shake every now and then: “Mitch, this is unprecedented,” the president said, gesturing forcefully on the Cabinet Room table, according to aides. “If you don’t move any, I’m going … Continue reading

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Is Obama Changing Tactics? Not so much.

Obama has worked very hard to avoid the “angry black man” stereotype, but Republican obstructionism is finally getting some presidential blowback: WAKARUSA, Ind. — President Barack Obama said Wednesday he’s determined to get an overhaul of the health care system … Continue reading

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