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Cult Leader or Pied Piper?

My new column is up at HuffPo. In between defenses of my thesis in the comments section of “Glenn Beck, Cult Leader,” I managed to catch this from Politico: Many top Republicans are growing worried that the party‚Äôs chances for … Continue reading

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Michael Steele’s Website Fiasco

There is fail, there is epic fail, and then there is the rarefied realm of fiasco. The Republican Party wanted a fancy new website, with a virtual Michael Steele moving Matrix-like across the screen. The problem, is there’s no good … Continue reading

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Republicans Hate Grandma

The GOP’s answer to their political irrelevance? Disenfranchise someone, of course: Republican legislative leaders have lost all sense of shame with their 11th-hour bill to roll back voting rights in Florida. The legislation is so disgraceful it is no wonder … Continue reading

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Limbaugh’s Pep Rally

Rush Limbaugh rallied the culture warriors this weekend at the CPAC conference. Here’s a video, if you can stand to watch it. The video reveals both his strength and his greatest weakness: This is par for the course in Limbaugh’s … Continue reading

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