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Ron Paul Triangulates Shelby

This ad has started showing up all over Huffington Post lately. Click it and you’ll visit Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty, otherwise known as C4L, where a set of Frank Luntz and Paulite talking points contains the following call to … Continue reading

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Gold Standard

From Bloomberg, further proof that gold standard advocates and apocalypse fearmongers are full of crap: Gold’s best year in three decades has yet to match the returns of an interest-bearing checking account for anyone who bought the most malleable of … Continue reading

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Could Major Financial Reform Pass on a Voice Vote?

This got me thinking: Lobbyists and committee staffers expected that the amendment — which would mandate that banks essentially could not lend out or invest more than 12 dollars for every dollar they keep in reserve — would only get … Continue reading

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Gold Standard

I was tooling about the intertubes last night when I came upon one of those libertarian memes I love to debunk so much: we must do away with the Fed and return America to the gold standard! As I’m always … Continue reading

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