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Kochs Fund Wrong Climate Study

For their next trick, the Kochs accidentally fund peak oil studies that determine petroleum is not, in fact, an infinite resource. Oopsie: Muller’s team appears to have confirmed the basic tenets of climate science. Back in March, Muller told the House Science … Continue reading

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Green Dragons And Green Faith

Right Wing Watch reports on a new video series about the “dangers” of environmentalism. Money quote: Resisting the Green Dragon is therefore particularly timely because it not only refutes the scientific case for dangerous manmade warming and other “crises,” but … Continue reading

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Denying Science

What was that I said the other day about climate change denial being the new evolution denial? Denialists are joining forces to say that “dissenting views on both scientific subjects should be taught in public schools.” When these people use … Continue reading

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Ending The Age Of Stupid

More of this: Maybe he should use a visual aid: All that smoke about Teh Socializms™ and climate-change denial doesn’t stop the ice from melting.

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Banned Christmas Videos

Think Progress has the story: In the videos, little animals learn about the problem and teach Santa Claus about it. The right wing has been outraged over the antics of these bears and penguins. One conservative called for a boycott … Continue reading

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Copenhagen: A Paranoiac’s Explanation

I’ve got it. See, Obama’s trip to Copenhagen was all about serving his Chinese masters. Never mind that getting 190 sovereign countries to agree on anything is like herding cats or nailing jello to a tree. Clearly, Obama cut a … Continue reading

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CNN Coverage of ClimateHack

Celebrity Noise and Nonsense can’t help itself. If they were reporting the Watergate break-in today, G. Gordon Liddy would appear on the air to proclaim the Democratic Party was hiding information about Vietnam.

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The Return of South vs. North

Copenhagen is resurrecting the North-South divide of global politics. It had been dead since 2001: For months, the dialogue on climate policy has largely focused on the actions of China and of the United States—powerful and dynamic economies that are … Continue reading

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Morning Video

This is what I’m on about when I say that CNN should stop pretending that climate change denial is one side of a controversy. The controversy was over years ago; the industry shill on here is just keeping climategate alive … Continue reading

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Your Liberal Media At Work

I’m told the UK Telegraph is a conservative-right newspaper, which explains why they’re covering this. It’s an astroturf “shadow conference” going on in Copenhagen: Professor Henrik Svensmark, a physicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen, said the recent … Continue reading

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Who Paid For SwiftHack?

I’m still dealing with the fallout of my HuffPo piece Climategate and the Life-Cycle of Nontroversy, which I submitted to the “Media” vertical only to have the editors put me in the “Green” section. Instead of dealing with comments on … Continue reading

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